Les Pois Music Office 1st Call For Scores

February 3, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Les Pois Music Office is internationally calling for new pieces for the concert will be held at
Kyoto, Japan in 8th September 2016. (The Venue will be announced in March 2016)
The event is aimed to develop chamber repertory for Classical Guitar, Mandolin with Left Hand Piano.
The event is supported by Archiving Project for Left Hand Piano Music.

Submission Requirements

Works Written for
Left Hand Piano, Classical Guitar (and/or) Mandolin.
Duo: Piano+Guitar / Piano+Mandolin
Trio: Piano + Guitar + Mandolin
(Solo piece and Duo for Guitar + Mandolin are NOT accepted.)
Duration: 3-10 minutes (approx.)
Deadline: 20, June, 2016.
No entry fee / No age limit
You may submit multiple works, however, only one work for one formation will be accepted.
Approximately 4 pieces will be chosen to be performed at the concert,
by the selection committee including performers of the concert
and composers who write commissioned work for the concert.

*Internal technique for piano may be used, but should be suitable for left hand playing.
*Tremolo / Picking technique must be clearly notated for Mandolin.
*The Submitted work must not be previously performed or published.

Selection Committee
Ippo Tsuboi(Composer)
Osamu Kawakami(Composer)
Keizo Ishibashi (a.k.a Kzo)(Mandolinist / Composer)
Kosuke Hashizume (Guitarist / Composer)
Keisuke Arima (Left Hand Pianist)

Takeo Tchinai (Left Hand Pianist/ Director of “Archiving Project for Left Hand Piano Music”)

The selection will be made by the end of June. The result will be announced on the website.
The result also will be communicated to participants by email individually.

Information for Selected Works & Composers

All rights of the selected work will remain to composers, except for the performing right ONLY for the concert on 8th September 2016, when the piece will be given the premier.
There will be no cash prize but selected pieces will be published (by agreement) from Les Pois Music Office or Archiving Project for Left-Hand Piano.
Rehearsal for composers reside outside of Japan will be done through recording correspondence or on web streaming.
Composers are encouraged to visit the concert, however, composers must pay travel expenses themselves. Recording will be supplied to the composers.

Call for Scores