LUOGO COMUNE Experimental workshop for choreographers and composers

June 19, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers, residencey and summerschool, workshop by newmusicscotland

Teachers: Roberto Castello (choreographer) and Girolamo Deraco (composer), Matteo Fargion (composer), Ambra Senatore (choreographer), Massimiliano Civica (director), Christian Raimo (writer).

Teachers: Matteo Fargion, Ambra Senatore, Massimiliano Civica, Christian Raimo, Roberto Castello, Girolamo Deraco
“Luogo comune” is a two-week permanent workshop dedicated to choreographic and musical composition. It is also, and above all, an opportunity to share thoughts and experiences among artists.
In the last decades, art has become merely an economic good. Works of art must appeal to many people and produce income. Therefore, nowadays it is far more profitable for an artist to produce works of art that are similar to other successful ones rather than to develop their own original school of thought. As a consequence, the difference between artists and producers of spare-time consumer goods has become increasingly blurred.
SPAM! aims at contributing to opposing this trend by organizing an experimental workshop for choreography and composition of music for dance, with a focus on the organization of the means based on the creation of meaningful structures.
Even the most pleasant work of art cannot be meaningful unless it is crossed by a network of connections which link its parts together. A show is a speech that needs to deserve attention from the public. Therefore, it cannot have just one single subject. It needs to have something to tell and tell it in an original way.
“Luogo commune” is a two-week opportunity to reflect on this kind of problems under the guidance of a group of artists that care particularly for the meaning and structure of their works. They deal with different means (movement, direction, music and speech) and are going to share their work methodologies, so as to spur, in a new way, the creativity process of those taking part. This event is not just a discussion about contents, but about how the relations between the building blocks of a work of art can be the means to develop original poetics.

The workshop will begin every day at 10 am occupying the whole day.
Full attendance is mandatory.
The two most promising projects will benefit in the following months of an artistic residence at SPAM!

1. Send CV, and video link, to specifying : REGISTRATION LUOGO COMUNE
2. The curricula will be evaluated in order of arrival
3. Who will overcome the curricular selection will receive the bank details for the payment of the fee to be made by the beginning of the workshop. Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.
4. The participation fee is 200 euro. The first 14 subscribers will be entitled to accommodation at the free guesthouse of SPAM!

First part
July 6 Masterclass with Ambra Senatore (choreographer)
July 7 Masterclass with Massimiliano Civica (director)
July 8 Masterclass with Christian Raimo (writer)
July 9 Masterclass with Matteo Fargion (composer)

Second part
Creation of short works with Roberto Castello (choreographer) and Gerolamo Deraco (composer)
July 10 to 14 tests (July 12 rest)
July 15 to 17 technical tests
July 18 informal presentation of the projects to the public
19 morning final discussion

Press info
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