Masterclass of contemporary writing for clarinet

June 14, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

Composer: Girolamo Deraco
Clarinet: Tony Capula
Date of the course: 22 July – 26 July
Inscription deadline: 15 June
Course fee: € 200 for composers, € 50 listeners
Inscription fee: € 100 for composers, € 20 listeners
Place of the masterclass: Francigena International Arts Festival, Altopascio (Lucca – Italy)

The masterclass
The masterclass is a specific focus on contemporary art of writing for clarinet. The different techniques, both compositional and executive, will be presented through the analysis of original scores specially written by composer Jerome Deraco for the clarinetist Tony Capula. In addition, during the lessons, will address the new aesthetic concept of Musicateatro. Within the masterclass will be there, assisted by creative Maurizio Della Nave, a seminar titled “Composers today.” The seminar aims to provide students with tools for understanding the world of work, offering practical suggestions on how to address today the profession of composer.

Final Concert
At the end of the masterclass will be given the opportunity to perform in collaboration with Cluster (Association of composers of Lucca – Italy) a piece for solo clarinet (The concert will be in the next winter Cluster season). The scores will be selected and chosen by the teachers.

Certificate and publication
After the master class will receive a certificate of participation from the Francigena International Arts Festival and the scores of the final concert will be published by Edizioni Sconfinarte.