Mull Artist Residency: Art & Sustainability

February 22, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers, Performers, residencey and summerschool by newmusicscotland

What will artists’ roles be in future societies? How might artistic practices have contributed to a greener, healthier, more equal planet? Mull is a multi-disciplinary weekend-long residency which explores the links between artistic practice and environmental sustainability, considering what major challenges and changes might have taken place in the world in 50 years’ time and what steps artists may have taken to respond to or contribute to these shifts.

We’re looking for up to 10 artists to apply their curiosity and unique skills to imagining what being an artist in a sustainable future might look like – what that would mean, how it would affect artistic content, what infrastructure it would require in order to function and how artists and the arts will have shaped more sustainable societies. Creative Carbon Scotland is partnering with Comar on the beautiful Isle of Mull to mull over these complex questions with artists who may or may not have previously thought about environmental sustainability in relation to their work.

For the second year running, Mull will invite artists to imagine what it would mean to marry creativity and environmental sustainability in their practice. The weekend will be led by facilitators – Professor Mike Bonaventura, CEO of the Crichton Carbon Centre, and Stephanie de Roemer, Conservator of sculpture and Installation Art for Glasgow Museums – but will also be steered by those taking part, recognising the relatively untrodden grounds of the questions we’re asking.

The residency has a number of objectives:
– To provide artists, who may or may not have previously thought about environmental sustainability in their practice, with the space and stimuli to consider how it might drive new ways of working;
– To collectively develop artists’, Creative Carbon Scotland’s and Comar’s thinking about how environmental sustainability can be engaged with in different artistic practices on practical and conceptual levels;
– To nurture and build a creative community of practice which embeds environmental sustainability at its core.

Dates: Friday 27th – Monday 30th March 2015 at Comar on Isle of Mull. Participants will be paid £250 for their attendance and travel expenses from within Scotland, accommodation and catering are covered.

To find out more and apply: Deadline: Midnight, Tuesday 3rd March.