NMS was set up to help generate a vibrant and thriving new music sector, which will contribute to making Scotland an international leader in contemporary creative music practice. As a cooperative, it exists to connect, enable and support makers of innovative and experimental new music:  musicians, sound artists, composers, promoters and producers in Scotland. NMS will create and maintain a supportive environment for innovation.

Its aims are as follows:

  • To bring together makers who are either wholly or partially engaged in creating/performing new and innovative music and sound, and promoting organisations;
  • To establish and maintain communication mechanisms for new music in Scotland;
  • To encourage and facilitate collaboration with other art-forms and sectors;
  • To provide a supportive environment for innovation in music and sound;
  • To actively campaign for the commissioning and programming of new music;
  • To increase the awareness and profile of new music in Scotland, both nationally and internationally;
  • To explore and disseminate new ways of developing audiences for new music.

Our objective is to increase the profile and visibility of new music in Scotland through information, education and advocacy, and in doing so to become an indispensable network for anyone working with – or wishing to work with – new music in Scotland. We will help this process by acting as a source of information, providing mapping tools for all new music activity in Scotland, providing training opportunities for members, advertising opportunities and disseminating information through our networks. We will organise a biennial showcase event, in which both composers and performers can share their work, particularly those (perhaps younger) creators who are seeking a platform to have their work heard. We will organise regular networking meetings to enable people to talk to one another, share ideas and discover untapped resources. We will encourage, support and nurture new talent and draw upon the knowledge of established creators for guidance and mentoring. We will help to further the careers of existing creators and encourage collaborations, and we will seek greater alliances and cross-art projects with other disciplines, including visual art and dance.

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