Nonclassical Ten: Composers’ Competition

September 23, 2014 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Nonclassical Global (26 November) is the closing event of our 10 year anniversary festival. To celebrate, we’re launching a competition to compose a new work for an intercontinental ensemble linked by live global streaming.

The winning entries will be performed on 26 November, by players at each of the participating events. The ensemble will be spread across 4 countries – in Sao Paolo, Zurich, London and Toronto – and will be made up of established and emerging artists selected by leading curators in the international alt classical scene. The ensemble will play together in each venue, linked together via live streaming. There will be two separate audiences – those who watch each performance in the venues, and a global audience streaming the event to their homes around the world.

We are looking for works that embrace the possibilities – and uncertainties – of live streaming, from screened media and virtual space to audio quality loss and latency issues!



Open to composers of any age, nationality and country of residence.


– The composition should be a new or unperformed work.

– The submitted work should be scored for:

– Guitar, violin, cello, (Brazil)
– Piano (Canada)
– Flute (1 – 3) (London)
– Violin (Switzerland)

OR open instrumentation

– Composers wishing to use other instruments should contact Nonclassical (email address below). Other instrumentation is possible, but if we can’t obtain it (e.g. 2 pianos) you will need to be adaptable.


The duration of the work should be between 2 and 5 minutes.

A score, and if possible a rough recording, should be submitted to

Deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 26th October

We look forward to receiving your submissions!