Opportunity: Work with the Ludi Quartet Kernow!

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Deadline: Noon Tuesday 30 August 2016

Produced by:

Sound and Music in partnership with Ludi Quartet Kernow, Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA), Falmouth University and Truro Festival

Are you interested in experimenting and testing your ideas to create new work for the electric guitar? Look no further!

We have joined forces with Adrian Lee and the Ludi Quartet Kernow to offer composers the chance to develop new short-piece works that explore the ‘expressive qualities’ of the electric guitar…

Image of guitar on it's back

The works will be developed through a series of workshops in Cornwall, in autumn 2016 and spring 2017, during which composers will work in close collaboration with the performers supported by an experienced composer mentor.

The electric guitar has an incredible range of scope, from the virtuosity and exuberance of soloist expression to  percussive, experimental and textural variety produced by the use of extended techniques, customised pedals and other forms of player-operated sonic manipulation and merits the serious attention of non-player composers.

As part of this project Adrian Lee and the Ludi Quartet Kernow aim to bring together up to three player – and non-player -composers alike to explore the potential of this entirely new, contemporary ensemble medium, premiering the resulting work at Truro Festival in spring 2017.

Sound and Music’s Creative Project Leader, Nicole Rochman explained:

“It’s very exciting to be working with Adrian Lee and Ludi Quartet Kernow. This offers a great opportunity for composers to workshop ideas and explore the capabilities of the electric guitar with this unique ensemble.”

How to apply:

Read our application guidelines for more info about the project

Fill in our application form and equal opportunities form

Deadline: Tuesday 30th August

About Adrien Lee and Ludi Quartet Kernow

Picture of Adrian Lee

Composer, guitarist and music director Adrian Lee has worked extensively with the UK’s
principal theatres and terrestrial broadcasters,  including the Royal National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, the Young Vic theatre, BBC, ITV and Channel 4. His output comprises over 60 scores for theatre, TV, radio, film, dance and music theatre productions. His work helped to pioneer the integration of world music in mainstream media composition.  In 2013 he embarked on a new project to curate and perform new, contemporary repertoire for electric guitar and in 2014, launched his electric guitar ensemble, the Ludi Quartet.  In a development of his work with leading professional guitarists from the south-west region he is forming a new quartet, the Ludi Quartet Kernow, and a brand new electric guitar orchestra comprising some of the finest young electric guitarists from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

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Adrian Lee, founder of Ludi Quartet, said

“We’re really inspired by our new partnership with Sound and Music and very much
looking forward to the prospect of working closely with 3 composers to develop
exciting new works with the newly-formed Ludi Quartet Kernow.”