Orion Orchestra Composers’ Competition

October 7, 2014 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

The Orion Orchestra is proud to announce its 2015 Composers’ Competition, with a 1st prize of £1,000, and 2nd prize of £500 donated by the Richard Carne Trust. The winning work will be performed by the orchestra and conductor Toby Purser in both London and Singapore.


Chairman: Toby Purser
Composers: Joseph Phibbs, Raymond Yiu, Edmund Jolliffe, Dominic Sewell
Orchestra Trustee: Keith Day.

Already recognised as one of the most vibrant symphony orchestras for young musicians, the Orion Orchestra’s primary aim is to provide development for gifted young musicians, by way of giving unique performance opportunities.

Competition Format:

• The competition will be in two stages.

• Stage 1: A maximum of four works will be shortlisted out of the entries received. The submitted material for this stage does not need to be the completed work, although this is encouraged if possible.

• Composers will be notified of which works are shortlisted by January 15th 2015.

• Stage 2: Shortlisted candidates will have until January 18th to make revisions to their scores if desired, and must complete their works if still incomplete. The jury’s decision on the winning work will be announced by February 14th 2015.

• The winning work will be performed on February 26th in London and on March 7th in Singapore.

• Two prizes will be awarded: 1st prize- £1,000, and 2nd prize – £500.


• The competition is open to composers of all nationalities, but who are resident in the UK, and who will not exceed the age of 40 on January 3rd 2015.

• The deadline for submissions will be January 3rd 2015

• Applicants must not have representation from a publisher. Composers who self-publish or have had individual pieces purchased for publication will be considered. If in doubt please get in touch prior to submitting.

• The work must be a maximum of 10 minutes in length.

• The score must be submitted WITHOUT composer’s name printed on it.*

• The work must be for maximum forces of 2 fl. 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 fg, 3 hn, 2 tpt, 1 perc. and strings ( Piccolo, cor anglais, bass clarinet or contra bassoon doubling are permitted by one player.

• Percussion, including timpani, must be playable by one player, and not consist of more than five instruments in addition to a maximum of three timpani.

• No soloist or electronics are permitted.

• Percussion: the instruments listed below are the instruments the composer may include in their score. If the score demands that other instruments be required, they will not be used at performance. Do not write performance instructions which run any risk of damaging the instruments. This includes calling for metal beaters on wooden instruments. The work must not include drum kit.

Pitched Percussion (1 each of the following instruments)

Tubular Bells: 11/2 octaves
Marimba: 41/3 octaves
Vibraphone: 31/2 octaves
Xylophone: 4 octaves
Glockenspiel: 3 octaves
Crotales: 1 octave (high)

Unpitched Percussion (1 each of the following instruments unless indicated otherwise)
Bass Drum
Bell Tree
Bongos (one pair of stick bongos)
Castanets (hand or mounted)
Clash Cymbals (one pair)
Congas (one pair) Cow Bell
Finger Cymbals (one pair)
Maracas (one pair)
Mark Tree
Sleigh Bells
Snare Drum
Suspended Cymbal (one)
Temple Blocks
Tenor Drum
Timbales (two)
Tomtoms (four drums)
Woodblock (one)

Composers should submit the following: Two printed copies of scores which should be sent to the address below, together with:

1) A printed sheet listing composer’s name; date and place of birth; nationality; address, phone and and email

2) A printed copy of the composer’s passport, ID card or birth certificate

3) A CD-R or DVD which contains an audio recording (computer-generated) of the submitted work. Sound files should be .mp3, .mp4 NOT uncompressed WAV or AIFF files. Any computer-generated recording can be converted using free software (e.g. Audacity, iTunes etc..)

1. You will not be judged on the quality of the audio recording.

2. Your name should not appear on the CD-R or on electronic tags. However, it will be marked with a submission number by the office so it can be clearly identified. You are also welcome, additionally, to include a Sibelius file (7.1 or lower) on the CD-R. Your name should not be on this file (under Score Properties).

*When we receive your application, we will assign it a number. Only the scores and recordings will be passed on to our judging panel; they will have no information about you personally, and you will therefore be judged on the quality of your music alone.

The address for submissions is:

Orion Orchestra
Composers Competition 2014
38 Fenwick Road
London SE15 4HW