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August 1, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, Opportunity, Other Opportunity, Performers by mwhiteside

The Cutty Strange is a monthly radio hour that airs the first Thursday of each month at 1am EST on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7 FM in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley. The show centers around new and experimental music, focusing on transmission and broadcast arts works. As stated in a previous call, we are always accepting works that fit this criteria to be considered for air on the show.

This call is to open guest produced segments to the show, that focuses on a topic of the guest’s choosing. We are asking for interested persons to submit a short proposal, or already completed segment (see below) with the following information:

1. The topic at hand.
2. The subject(s) of the segment.
3. The music (if any) to be played.
4. The overall production idea (is it an interview, lecture series, multi-episode segment, info piece, opinion, etc.).
5. The estimated length of the segment.
6. How you feel this piece relates to the field of experimental arts.

These pieces should be produced by the guest producer, but we also accept submissions of scripts of segments that can be produced by our staff. In these cases, we will work with the guest contributor to make a piece that best reflects their ideas and ours here at The Cutty Strange. With that said, we are also interested in working with those who are producing pieces, to help achieve the highest possible quality radio work. We are very open to any and all ideas so long as the guidelines above are addressed. Ultimate approval of proposals and completed segments are subject to that of The Cutty Strange and WGXC.

For completed radio segments, please complete the above information, as well as stating if the piece has aired before, and of so, when and where?

If submitting a completed segment, please submit in MP3 format (constant bitrate 192kbps). Please be sure that the piece adheres to the profanity and indecency guidelines put forth by the FCC. Those that do not adhere to the guidelines, will not be aired. You can see the guidelines here:

One person or group may submit as many proposals or segments as they wish; there is no entry fee or limit. The Cutty Strange operates on a not-for-profit basis, there is no fee paid to you for airing your segment, and we are not interested in negotiating any such fees.

**Please EMAIL all inquiries to

Thank you all for your time.

Daniel Steffey
The Cutty Strange