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Since its formation as a company in 2009, Red Note Ensemble has taken up a leadership position as Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble, performing and developing both an extensive, highly-varied and critically-acclaimed programme of new music.

We have undertaken a forward-thinking Access, Engagement and Participation (AEP) programme of workshops and outreach initiatives across Scotland, the UK and internationally, with a flexible ensemble consisting of up to 20 primarily Scottish-based players.The company has a twin focus, and it operates two complementary strands of work: a performance programme, which focuses upon the development, commissioning and performance of new music to the very highest standards; and an access, engagement and participation programme (aka creative learning), which focuses upon reaching and developing new and underserved audiences for contemporary music.

This combined approach has proved very successful, and the company has developed rapidly since formation. Rather than follow a traditional, Classical Music-style model of a Spring and Autumn Season or Concert Series in fixed concert hall locations, Red Note has followed a creative and flexible approach to commissioning, production and presentation which more closely reflects the richness and diversity of new music, and enables the company to respond to new ideas and demand flexibly, quickly and effectively. This includes site-specific and multi-media performances, collaborations with companies and practitioners from other artforms, collaborations with musicians from diverse backgrounds, presentations in theatrical or visual arts spaces, and a significant amount of work in areas with underserved populations. We also undertake a significant amount of work beyond Scotland’s borders, both within the UK and internationally.

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