Red Oak Call for Scores

October 14, 2014 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

Red Oak is seeking exciting new scores from composers all over the world.

This is an open call for scores, and there are few limitations.

Your piece may include anything from the standard orchestral instruments, guitar, and electronics.
Other instruments and large ensembles may be difficult for us to bring together, but we certainly welcome all ensemble types and sizes. Please email with any questions.

1. all ages may apply
2. there is no fee to apply
3. there are no minimum or maximum time constraints

Submission procedure:
subject: call for scores
2 attachments:
1. LastName_ROCE.pdf
_ Contact: Name, Address, Phone, email
_ brief bio (approx. 200 words)
_ Title of piece(s)
_ program note(s) if available (optional)
2. LastName_ScoreTitle_ROCE.pdf
3. link (optional): to a recording (MIDI is acceptable)

Deadline: January 5, 2015
Please email with any questions: subject: question