rosetta contemporary ensemble 1st Call for Scores

June 20, 2017 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble is internationally calling for new pieces for the concert, which will be held at Kyoto Art Center, Japan on 12th February 2018.

Instruments List

Group A:
2 Mandolins (1 mandolin can be switched to mandola tenore*)
2 Guitars

Group B:
Saxophone (Soprano/Alto/Tenor) *ask for other family
Group C:
Left-Hand Piano

*Tremolo / Picking technique must be clearly notated for Mandolin.
*Mandola Tenore is GDAE tuning, an octave lower than mandolin.
*Internal technique may be used, but should be suitable for left hand playing.
*Prepared materials maybe available if it is easy to prepare AND also easy to remove.

Category A (Quartet to Sextet)

Instrumentation: all instruments from the list.
(1 or 2 Mandolin(s)/1 or 2 Guitar(s)/Saxophone/Left-Hand Piano)
Duration: Max approx. 8mins (one or multi-movement)
Category B (Duo to Quintet)

Instrumentation: Any combination of from 2 or 3 groups from the instrument list. (Duo / Trio / Quartet only consists of plucked Instruments from group A is not accepted.)
Duration: Max approx. 8mins (one or multi-movement)
Category C* (Performer’s Selection)

*selected pieces from this category may not be performed in the concert in Kyoto but in other concerts held in 2018 by the member of Rosetta.

Solo piece of any instruments from the list.
Duo of any combination from instrument group A (Gt. Mn.)
Duration: Max approx. 6 mins.
Only for this category, previously performed piece can be submitted if the piece are unpublished and has never been given performance in Japan.

Please visit our website for the detail!

The event was previously held as Les Pois music office call for scores