Seeking female composers and scholars specializing in their works for a podcast

August 17, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

I am a female composer and vocalist. I’ve been running a public Facebook page showcasing the vast and quite stellar output of women throughout the centuries, so far limited in scope to just Western classical and new music (but I plan to expand this as soon as possible).

I am now planning a podcast series – each episode will run between 20-30 minutes and will showcase one composer, whether she is emerging right now or hails from centuries ago. Her work will be played and she will be interviewed, and if she is historical then I will interview someone with extensive knowledge of her work, life and context.

So if you are a professional composer in any genre or musical tradition (and from anywhere in the world) who identifies as a woman, or if you are a scholar who is passionate about the work of a particular composer, and you would be interested in participating in this podcast, please get in touch with me at:
Include your location, how you would describe your work, and introduce yourself and your background (casual bio).

This is a longer-term project, with a planned timeline of about a year for the release of the first set of about 10 podcasts (I’m starting grad school this fall so must plan to proceed more slowly than I would like).