December 1, 2014 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

snim – the spontaneous network for improvised music – is calling for new compositions for the festival das kleine symposion. The festival’s 8th edition will take place at echoraum, Vienna, comprising four concerts in October 2015.

The topic for das kleine symposion in 2015 is schräglage. We want you to reflect on how you listen to, think about, write, and make music. Leave your comfort zone and look at music from a new perspective (maybe a slightly tilted or lopsided one?). What processes are involved in creating a piece of music? Who is in charge? Is there a hierarchy of processes/thoughts/people? Could it be any different?

With this year’s topic schräglage, snim puts the focus especially on the collaboration between composers and musicians. We have a great pool of musicians who are motivated to apply their very personal way of making/thinking about/listening to music to your composition. How can you involve us into your process of composing? How will that influence the piece?

Alongside the concerts there will be an exhibition of all performed scores and a documentation of the genesis and development of all compositions, to give the audience an insight and different perspectives onto and into the music and facilitate fresh perception.

Your submission must include:
– draft or concept of the piece
– short explanation of your piece’s relevance to this year’s topic and plan for collaboration with the musicians
– (estimated) duration of the piece
– required instruments
– technical requirements
– scores and recordings of previous works (selection!) if available
– financial expectations
– short CV (100 words)
– contact info

Send your submission to gabriele.drab(at) UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2015.

All applicants will receive a notification about the outcome of the selection process in February. If you are selected for the commission of a piece, please provide the complete and readable score (including sign explanations), parts, and ALL performance materials by JUNE 30, 2015.

Please visit for further information, available musicians within the snim collective and composer guidelines.