sound acts [III]

November 27, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, Performers by mwhiteside

Call for Performances/Presentations for sound acts 2017

Event dates: 2-4 June 2017
Submission deadline: 22 January 2017

sound acts is an annual get-together, a showcase of creative couplings between music/sound, performance art/gesture and gender/body/activism.

We have already hosted two events in 2015 and 2016 where we aimed to explore various points of conjunction of the above through both theoretical presentations and discussions, as well as musical (or amusical) performances, interventions and installations. The event’s purpose has been twofold: on the one hand it has been an opportunity to establish connections between greek practitioners/theoreticians and the international community and on the other to bring the athenian audience in contact with work that is generally left outside of sound festivals and showcases.

We are delighted to announce a call for participations to our third event, which will take place June 2-4 2017. This year we are focusing on the abject, the marginalised subject and the wounded queer movement. We invite proposals for performances, lectures, performative lectures, workshops and anything in between that relates [but is not limited] to the following:

– black embodiment, resistance, afrofuturism
– the politics of disability
– theories of ‘health’ and well-being and the mechanisms of pathologisation
– fatness: feminisms, hyper/invisibility, excess
– white noise: critical whiteness and the race politics of transmitting and listening
– trauma, pain, the wounded body, the politics of recovery
– trans* narratives, history and futures
– cultural activism and racial politics
– anti-art and overidentification at the crossroads of a dystopian future
– the limits and shortcomings of queer and identity politics
– reframing humanist popular “resistance” in 21st century political apocalypse
– body fluid pleasures: the final frontier
– cultural hybrids against formalist purity
– theories and practice of BDSM cultures
– “whose history?” – going beyond heteronormative/white histories of art and creativity

Please consider that due to the financial limitations of our event, applicants are advised to seek own ways of funding. We could provide invitation letters for institutions and universities.

Submission details: Electronic submissions are preferred via email by the 22nd of January. Abstracts (maximum 500 words) should be sent to including the following information: name/group, institution (when applicable) CV/Bio (max 100 words), format, technical needs and possible costs should you be selected. Online links of work and pictures are not necessary but would be useful. We will let you know if your submission is accepted by February the 10th 2017.