SOUND CHECK – Call for Proposals

February 3, 2017 in All Opportunities, Composers, electroacoustic by mwhiteside

What do amps and alloys, 3D printers and piccolos have in common? How does your favourite tune sound when it’s played on a physically impossible instrument? What’s the difference between noise and music anyway?

Banish the bland with one-of-a-kind instruments that make sounds like no other. Join musicians, makers, computer engineers, and artisans to explore the technologies changing how we hear, experience, and make music.

How will blurring boundaries between sound, science, fabrication and performance lead to new sonic discoveries?

Get hands-on with experimental materials, virtualisation, and DIY technologies. Whether you’re imagining a twenty-metre trumpet, a synth for six players, or a drum kit for slime mold, everyone can test a real or a simulated version of their wildest sonic ideas in our SOUND CHECK LAB. Join a workshop on instrument building, or take a masterclass in digital improvisation, and collaborate with other visitors to explore the outer edge of tomorrow’s sound.

SOUND CHECK is that moment between practice and performance, designs and reality, where new musical tools make us hear our world differently.


For our open call we’re especially interested in projects that explore themes and topics such as:

  • Open-source kits and plans for building instruments
  • Work that pushes the possibility of sound through physics, biology or chemistry
  • Projects that feature fab-lab equipment to make instruments or music (3D printer, laser cutter, etc.)
  • Musical interfaces that are designed for maximum accessibility or ultimate self-expression
  • Instruments or installations which encourage collaboration across generations, skill-levels and genres
  • Custom, handmade or original instruments
  • DIWO (Do It With Others) workshops, installations or sonic labs
  • Community-oriented practices which engage underserved communities through music
  • Projects that repurpose or upcycle e-waste, trash or underused materials (i.e. circuit bending, e-waste synthesisers, cigar box guitars)
  • Instruments that can be played in collaboration with humans and non-humans (plants, slime molds, artificial intelligence)
  • Community oriented maker projects (i.e. a modular synth that gets added to weekly by different groups or schools)

Please note for this exhibition we are not seeking projects whose primary focus is:

  • Data sonification
  • Non-musical sound installations or kinetic art

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Deadline – 20th February