June 1, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

IKLECTIK Art Lab is a creative space dedicated to the support of experimental, interdisciplinary contemporary art, an engine for bringing about a focused environment for the arts and social development.


IKLECTIK Art Lab is glad to introduce SOUND YARD, an open air platform to exhibit artworks in an urban oasis, where sound waves could interact and shape the space, challenging different surfaces and atmospheric conditions.


We are constantly harassed by extremely loud noises and sounds from urban environments. As a consequence, the daily urban soundscape nurtures us with subliminal inputs that we absorb and metabolize.


Nature and Nurture are the two pillars that sustain our life: the former considers the features we were born with, while the latter considers the ones we acquire in growth. R. Murray Schafer’s World Soundscape Project established that our sound environment affect us psychologically, physiologically, cognitively and behaviourally. In Sonic Possible Worlds, Salome Voegelin goes further to suggest that these factors can be approached in a critical fashion, in order to create new sound territories.


How does this affect the nature that lies within us? Do the two clash or converge? What is the role of natural oases in an urban environment? How does the change of environment impact our life?


IKLECTIK Art Lab is calling all artists, collectives, students and graduates involved with Sound practices to take part in SOUND YARD and respond to these questions.

We are looking for artworks that would investigate the physicality of Sound and the modulation of space , artworks that take control of textures, patterns and objects and catalyse the attention of the audience. We’re looking for work that rethinks the ways in which Sound could be exhibited and perceived in outdoor habitats.


The temporary installations will be placed at IKLECTIK ’s garden, which functions as a meeting point for the Old Paradise Yard creative community. This is an opportunity for artists who investigate how sound, people and nature interact and showcase their work at an up-and-coming London art space.


Further informations on how to apply can be found on