Space for Sound Experimentation at the XXXVII International Forum of New Music “MANUEL ENRÍQUEZ”

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Space for Sound Experimentation at the XXXVII International Forum of New Music “MANUEL ENRÍQUEZ” (FIMNME)

The National Coordination of Music and Opera (CNMO) of the National Institute of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Art Museum (MUAC) call to composers and sound artists to send proposals which will be considered for the commission of a multi channel work that will be presented at the MUAC’s Space for Sound Experimentation (EES) during the XXXVII FIMNME.

The Space for Sound Experimentation (ESS) is a place for creation, production, and performance of works of sound art. Is an adaptable room that operate with different acoustic atmospheres. It counts with all the technical equipment to control sound in an excellent way, providing the artists a state of the art technological platform that offers the opportunity to generate three dimensional ambients that surround the listener and increase the experience.


– Composers and sound artists of any age, nationality or residency are welcome to apply.

– The selected artist will receive a commission to create a work for the 22.2 Multi channel system that will be presented (installed) at MUAC’s EES during the XXXVII FIMNME

– The selected artist will receive MX$20,000.00 (twenty thousand Mexican pesos) for the composition and mounting of the work (There will be no additional funds to cover extra expenses for installation or materials).

– The selected artist commits to be present at the EES the previous week to the premiere in order to conduct the installation of the work. This process takes at least five days and there will be assistance by MUAC personnel.

– Neither the CNMO nor the MUAC will cover travel and lodging expenses for the selected artist.

– Artist whose works have been previously presented at the EES will not be eligible.

– No other work by the selected artist will be performed at the XXXVII FIMNME.

– All the technical details and equipment for the 22.2 Multi channel system can be downloaded at

– The proposed work must be made according to this technical specifications and its installation should be completed in 5 days maximum.

– The deadline to submit proposals is Thursday December 11, 2014. If application is sent by courier or regular mail, it must be marked under the concept of “no commercial value” showing a registration date of December 11 or before.

– The commissioned work must be finished and ready to install by Friday May 8th 2015.

– The jury is conformed by members of the XXXVII FIMNME Selection Committee and the members of MUAC’s EES curatorial committee and its decision is final.

– The jury has the right to proclaim the contest void.

– Any unforeseen situation will be solved by the members of the jury.

– The name of the selected artist will be published during February, 2015 on a nationwide distributed newspaper and in the following websites:


– 1 DVD or CD, with samples of at least 3 of the most representative works by the artist, showing experience with multi channel audio systems. These works can be stereo versions of multi channel pieces or works involving video; portfolios or descriptive memories of installations may also be included. The accepted audio formats are: .WAV .AIFF or high quality .mp3; accepted video formats are: .mp4 .mov and .WMV

– Printed copies and a CD with:
– Proposed work: an explanation of the proposed work, knowing that it could suffer changes during the composition/installation process
– Curriculum vitae in .Word format
– Contact information
– Artist web page or internet links to works by the artist not included in the DVD

All materials must be submitted in triplicate, in three different envelopes, each one labelled: Espacio de experimentación sonora en el FIMNME followed by the name of the artist.

The 3 envelopes should be delivered or sent in a single package labelled XXXVII FIMNME Espacio de experimentación sonora addressed to:

Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes
Coordinación Nacional de Música y Ópera
Av. Juárez No. 101, piso 9
Torre Prisma
Col. Centro, C.P. 06040
Delegación Cuauhtémoc
México, D.F., México
Teléfono (52) +55 1000-4622, extensiones 1367 y 1368