SPOR festival for contemporary music and sound art call

September 12, 2014 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

THEME OF THE CALL AND FESTIVAL: The proposal may describe a wide range of projects, from works for ensemble and music theatre pieces to sound art installations. In 2015 the festival will focus on practices within music theatre and opera, how we create and present works keeping the history and tradition present but updated to the world of today. Opera and music theatre has a very strong tradition for retaining an authentic and historically based performance practice when speaking of the music – it is allowed to interfere with some elements (like updating scenography, characters, the history etc.), but the music itself and the score is often understood as sacred.
SPOR festival 2015 will bring this fact to discussion and shows the exuberant development that happens in music theatre and opera these years. We therefore ask for spectacular proposals that reflect or question these tendencies.
The proposal should reflect the theme of the festival, handle it either concrete or more abstract.

More information: http://www.sporfestival.dk/2014/call_for_proposals_2015/