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In 1998 in the Villa Löwenpalais in Grunewald, Berlin’s former Artists’ Colony, Jörg Peter Starke established the eponymous Foundation. Primarily young talented artists are supported in a wide-ranging sponsorship concept. This is intended to ensure that each artist develops an individual style, as well as coming into contact with other art forms in an intensive way.

The Foundation also provides many national and international contacts, for instance museums, galleries and other public institutions, but also representatives of the fields of culture, science, economy, sports and politics.

Fine arts, architecture, design, performance, music, composition, new media, literature (also available for playwrights)

Stiftung Starke – Löwenpalais
Königsallee 30/32
14193 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 8257685
Fax +49 30 8258734


Accommodation and studio
Performances and readings
3 – 12 months
Application guidelines:
Maximum age: 35 years
Start of scholarship: beginning or middle of year
No fixed application deadline, approx. 3 months before start of scholarship
Application forms are available from the website