The Ear – Call for Scores

April 28, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

The Ear is a brand new organization in New York City specializing in MAINSTREAM classical composition. Our mission is to provoke lots of composers to write lots of pieces that lots of people will want to hear lots of times. We are trying to resurrect (this is how we think of it) the tradition of Bach-through-Prokofiev – classical music of the highest quality that also drives millions wild. We have three distinctives:

1) All pieces are short (2-5 min.)
2) The audience has to want to hear the piece AGAIN
3) EVERY encore’d piece wins prize money, and ONLY encore’d pieces win prize money.

Although this is a competition in form, at its heart it is a formula for funding successful composition. And this is our definition of successful: cultured New Yorkers (who aren’t part of the new music scene) want it hear it AGAIN.

Our launch event will take place in October 2015. You must be a current or past resident of the New York City area to be eligible for this particular event. No age restriction.

1st prize: $5000 and rising
Contender prizes (for encore’d pieces): $400 and rising.

Check out our website for competition details and more.