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The Open Fund supports the development of outstanding songwriters and composers of all genres and backgrounds and at different stages of their career.

Support is available to any music creator or not-for-profit organisation whose project fits with all three of our funding priorities:

  1. To support the creation, performance and promotion of outstanding new music in any genre
    We are particularly interested in the quality and originality of the music
  2. To enable the UK’s most talented music creators to realise their potential
    We are interested in how your project will develop the songwriters and composers involved. We are committed to supporting UK based songwriters and composers of all backgrounds
  3. To inspire audiences
    You will be asked to outline who you are reaching and how. This includes audiences at a local, regional, national or international level


The Open Fund is split into two distinct strands:

The Open Fund for Organisations

Supports new music projects led by promoters, talent development organisations, venues, curators and large performance groups*.

Projects must involve the creation, performance and promotion of new music and enable songwriters, composers, solo artist, bands and performers of all backgrounds to develop creatively and professionally.

* Large performance groups would include orchestras, choirs, jazz bands or folk groups with 12 or more performers

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The Open Fund for Music Creators

Supports projects by songwriters, composers, artists, bands and performers who are writing their own music or commissioning others

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Through The Open Fund, we support high quality new music projects which have tangible musical outcomes and a clearly defined start and end date.