TIMP.20 – 20 solo timpani premieres in 20 minutes

May 3, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

What : 1 minute (max) compositions for solo timpani
When : Deadline for submissions Monday 27th June (earlier submissions appreciated!!)

To celebrate the release of my online database/guidebook for composers, ‘The Kettledrum Compendium’, a call-out to composers has been initiated.

I invite any interested person to write a short (1 minute max) piece for solo timpani using the compendium as a guide.

All works submitted to me will be performed.

20 of these works will be premiered at an exciting performance opportunity I have been given at the 2016 Australian Percussion Gathering, entitled:
TIMP.20 – 20 world premieres for solo timpani in 20 minutes.

If more than 20 works are received, these will be performed and recorded by me this year at other planned recitals.

Please visit http://timpani.bmpercussion.com for more information and to view my database.

Please contact bmpercussion@gmail.com for any other questions.