Tinderbox Orchestra Spring Course & Album Launch 2017

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Course: 5th Feb to 8th Apr 2017
Auditions: 26th Nov 2016 & 21st Jan 2017
Performance at Queens Hall!

Tinderbox Orchestra are running an exciting 10 week course in the Spring Term 2017, building up to a huge concert at the Queens Hall for the orchestra’s debut album launch on 8th April.

The course is open to young musicians aged 13-25 and around grade 5+ (as a guide) on your instrument. We would love you to get involved and join us on an orchestral journey like no other!

“Rave Culture Meets Last Night of the Proms” The Herald
“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News
“A Spectacular modern band” The Guardian
**** The Guardian, **** The Scotsman, **** The List,

Who we Are

Tinderbox Orchestra is a fusion of instruments & styles! An orchestra with the approach of a band, we write and perform original compositions and collaborate with exciting and contemporary bands & artists. We love to experiment with ideas, collaborate, and try to do something new and inspiring with an orchestra.

Tinderbox is made up of and led by young people aged 13-25. We rehearse weekly and run various courses working on new ideas & building up to exciting public performances. The members of the orchestra can get involved in all aspects of the band, from composing to conducting, organising concerts and everything else – it’s great fun and everyone is welcome!

The Album

Over the past two years we have been recording our debut album and it is soon to be complete! The project has been an exciting journey across all variety of musical genres and styles, and has brought together over 150 young musicians with local bands, composers and international collaborators. The result is an eclectic, contemporary and high-energy orchestral fusion of music and ideas from Edinburgh and beyond.

We would love you to be a part of it too, helping us to develop and perform the music at the Queens Hall for the album launch. We’re hoping to follow this up with a Scottish tour as well and it’s exciting to see where it all goes. So come and join the fun!

Course Description:

In this 10 week course, we will be working on original music composed and recorded for Tinderbox’s Album, and some exciting collaborations with contemporary local composers and bands, as well as Chinese band Dawanggang (“One of the most oddly compelling albums of the year” The Guardian) and musicians from Croatia and Bosnia from Nigel Osborne’s Balkans Music Camps.

We will also be exploring new ways to improvise with a full orchestra, and attempting a fully improvised piece as part of the performance!

Course Dates and times:

Rehearsals: Sundays from 5th Feb – 2nd Apr 2017, 12 – 4pm.

Note: Two extra rehearsals are scheduled on Sat 1st Apr (daytime) and Thu 6th Apr (evening).

Queens Hall Performance: Sat 8th April 2017

Course fees:

£125 full / £75 concession.


There are 2 audition dates on:

  • Sat 26th Nov 2016
  • Sat 21st Jan 2017

To audition you must be aged 13-25 and around grade 5+ on your instrument (all instruments welcome). It is not necessary to have taken any grades but this is a guide for the general standard of the orchestra.

We run other programmes and courses for younger or less experienced musicians too, and these will feature in the concert as well. You would be very welcome to get involved with these too if you would like to. Visit www.tinderboxproject.co.uk for more information.


Please contact us at admin@tinderboxproject.co.uk for more info and to book an audition.

More info at www.tinderboxproject.co.uk