Urban Arts Berlin is calling now for sonic submissions

January 25, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers, Performers by mwhiteside

Urban Arts Berlin is calling now for sonic submissions focused on works that can approach little children. We challenge sound artists & musicians to contribute with music that will introduce little kids (between 2 to 10 years old) to experimental, sci-fi and avant-garde music. Story telling (with sounds & music), and sound collages are also welcome.

Electro-acustic, electronic, digital and/or anologue are completely up to the participant. The submission must have a length between 2-8 min max. and be sent ONLY in wave format via we transfer to: veromota@yahoo.com The sound work must be titled. Bio, links and infos about the participants are required (als word document or rich text). The deadline for sending sonic works is March the 21th in 2015.

All the works will be release on-line and eventually in tape format. We are thinking of organising a little tape release party in Berlin for kids and parents in 2015. Berlin based participants will be invited to play a live set.

The whole album will be internationally promoted in radio stations and web magazines.