wasteLAnd call for scores

January 8, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

wasteLAnd is hosting an international call for scores. Selected works will be featured on our 2015-2016 season and wasteLAnd will provide the performers as well as any other components required for performance. Composers of any age and nationality are encouraged to apply. wasteLAnd is very interested in promoting works by living composers that have already been premiered, so there are no stipulations regarding number of previous performances.

Rules and Guidelines:
Composers whose works have previously been featured on wasteLAnd concerts are not eligible to apply.

Composers are strongly encouraged to submit works for 6 players or fewer, since works featuring larger ensembles are unlikely to be chosen.

There can be up to 2 submissions per composer.

All materials must be submitted electronically before midnight, February 28, 2015, PST.

There is no entry fee.


If your piece is scored for live performers, then you are required to submit a link to your score on the application form.

If your piece is an only electronic (fixed media) or improvised work, please submit a .pdf that states your pseudonym and piece title in lieu of a score and supply a recording.

Recordings are recommended for all works, but not required. Please do not submit MIDI recordings. These will not be listened to.

To send us your materials through our online form, please include a link to a free file sharing service, such as dropbox, which does not include any identifying information in the URL. Do not include a link to a personal website.

All scores and recordings must be fully anonymized, in .pdf or .mp3 format, and include a pseudonym as the only identifier. Any scores, recordings, or pseudonyms that identify the composer by name may be disqualified.

Please title recordings and score files in the following way: Pseudonym_PieceTitle. For Example: Music123_NewMusicPiece.

Application Form:
You may find our form online at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tF7Y2JY6WbNVSU4xlIIicz6x7dBFdhU4URcuyvj…

Once you have submitted the form, please email


with your pseudonym, piece title, and real name. This email address will only be checked once all decisions have been made.

You must submit both the application form and send an e-mail to wastelandcallforscores@gmail.com identifying yourself by including your full name, pseudonym and piece title(s).

Questions regarding the submission process or requirements can be sent to:
Please take care that your e-mail does not include your pseudonym or otherwise undermine the anonymity of your submission.

About wasteLAnd:
wasteLAnd is a Los Angeles-based concert series featuring avant-garde and experimental music, focusing on local performers and living composers. Please visit us at http://www.wastelandmusic.org for more information about our series.