‘We’re here, we are not everywhere’, (2012 ongoing), is a spoken and recorded audio work meditating on the ways in which language and non verbal sound influence the structuring of social, cultural and physical environments (approx 25 mins).

Rob Kennedy makes videos, sounds and objects on his own and often in collaboration with other artists, musicians and performers. His work tends to focus on the unreliability of language and the difficulties of succinct communication. Recent projects include ‘What is there to talk about?’, Talbot Rice Gallery , Edinburgh, 2015, ‘Do actors speak louder than words?’, The Tetley, Leeds, UK, 2014; ‘Public Address: Hello, can you hear me now?’, QPRC, Glasgow, UK, 2013; ‘Is there anything to do here, is there anything to see?’, CCA, Glasgow, 2012. Previous work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale, Tate Britain, BBC Scotland and the British Council.

Rob will be part of the New Music Scotland In Cahoots Conference. More information can be found here.


‘The Listener is the Operator’ (2002) from ropefactory on Vimeo.


‘A violent history of interruption’ (2004) from ropefactory on Vimeo.

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