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The Soroptimist Club of Piombino, in collaboration with S.A.I UNIVERSITARIA per la Filosofia e le scienze della Musica – sez. SIPARIO DONNE COMPOSITRICI announce a composition con- test restricted only to Italian and European female composers.

Soroptimist International is a non-profit organization that brings together women with high qua- lifications in the workplace, and work plans through the advancement of women, the promotion of human rights, acceptance of diversity, development and peace . Currently, there are about
90,000 members, spread over 3,000 clubs in 125 countries. The Soroptimists promote action and create opportunities to transform the lives of women through its global network of members and international cooperation.

••• RULES •••

Art. 1
The Composition Contest is open to Italian and European FEMALE composers, with no age limit.

Art. 2
Participation is free of charge.

Art. 3
The compositions must be inspired by the ideals of Soroptimist International and express the intention and the nature of its activities, performed with great enthusiasm and determination in favor of the status of women and women’s rights. The composition chosen at the end of the con- test will become the hymn of the Piombino – Soroptimist Club and may be played at all important meetings of the club.

Art. 4
The compositions may also be already published or performed but not awarded in other con- tests. It is possible to send only one score. It’s well accepted, but not mandatory, a midi recording of the composition.

Art. 5
The composition must have a duration of 4 minutes. The composer have to use from 6 to 8 instruments freely chosen from among the following: 1 Flute (also alto flute) – 1 Oboe – 1 Bb clarinet (also bass clarinet) – 1 Bassoon – 1 Horn in F – 1 Bb Trumpet – 1 Trombone – 1 Tuba – 4
Saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone). Percussion are compulsory (only 1 percussionist) in addition to the instruments chosen: small percussion instruments (cymbals, triangle, timpani, tam, tambourine, castanets) – Xylophone – Vibraphone – Marimba – Glockenspiel

Art. 6
The scores of composers will have to be sent in PDF, with individual parts, by e-mail, within march 30, 2015, to this mail:compositrici.sipario@tiscali.it In the same mail will must be included the generality of the composer, address, phone number, e-mail address and title of the work and a brief biography (maximum 10 lines) and with the job description posted. In the email will also be inserted the following statement: “I authorize the execution, recording and broadcast, by the organization of my music composition. I agree, for the sole purpose related to competition, the use of personal data “.

Art. 7
Among the compositions submitted will be selected 6 finalists compositions that will be perfor- med in concert during the year 2015. After the first performance the panel of judges will indicate the three winning compositions whose order will be determined by the partecipating Soropti- mists. Only the first composition may be the symbolic hymn of the Piombino – Soroptimist Club. A ceremony took place can be proposed to the National President in office to take the composi- tion chosen as the hymn of the Soroptimist International of Italy.

Art. 8
The final concert will be performed in a home of the Piombino – Soroptimist Club. The concert
will be open to the public to which it is strictly forbidden to record audio and video.

The Management of the Competition may allow audio and video recordings and radio and tele- vision broadcasts for which all rights are reserved; for these records there is no reimbursement or reward.

Art. 10
Members of the Jury, chaired by the National President and the President of the Piombino – So- roptimist Club, will be announced after the date of March 30, 2015. The judges’ decision is incontestable.

Art. 11
The six finalists will receive a certificate of participation signed by the entire jury. The first three
will receive also a degree of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

Art. 12
There will be no refunds.

Art. 13
The partecipation of the composers the final concert is relished.

Per maggiori informazioni: S.A.I. UNIVERSITARIA per la Filosofia e le Scienze della Musica Sez. SIPARIO DONNE COMPOSITRICI – Via Toscanini, 10 – 42020 Montecavolo di 4 Castella – RE – ITALIA E-mail: saiuniversitaria.mus@tiscali.it oppure: claudia.termini.fgr0@alice.itclaudia@soroptimistparma.it