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The aims of Women Make Music are:

  • To break down assumptions and stereotypes within the music industry by encouraging role models for future generations
  • To raise awareness of the gender gap and to ensure that women are aware that support for new music is available to them
  • To increase the profile of women who are creating new music in the UK
  • To encourage women who may otherwise not have applied for PRS for Music Foundation funding to do so


Women Make Music supports the development of outstanding women songwriters and composers of all genres and backgrounds at different stages of their career. The fund can support projects by women songwriters, composers, artists, bands and performers who are writing their own music.

Please note that we no longer fund organisations through Women Make Music. If you came to this page looking for funding as an organisation to commission a woman music creator for an upcoming project, please apply to the Open Fund for Organisations, where projects involving a diverse range of music creators will be looked on favourably.

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See who we have supported through Women Make Music here

Applicants’ projects must fulfil all three of our funding priorities:

  1. To support the creation, performance and promotion of outstanding new music in any genre

We are particularly interested in the quality and originality of the music

  1. To enable the UK’s most talented music creators to realise their potential

We are interested in how your project will develop the songwriters and composers involved.

If you are a songwriter/composer you will need to tell us why this particular activity is so crucial to your creative and/or professional development.

If you are a solo performer or small performance group commissioning others, you will need to explain why your project is so important to the songwriter or performer you are working with.

We are committed to supporting UK based songwriters and composers of all backgrounds.

  1. To inspire audiences

You will be asked to outline who you are reaching and how. This includes audiences at a local, regional, national or international level


The following are considered by PRS for Music Foundation to be Women Make Music music creators:

  • Songwriters
  • Composers
  • Solo artists
  • Bands
  • Performers


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on music creators we consider eligible and ineligible, including advice on restrictions around financial set-up.

Women Make Music supports women music creators of all genres and backgrounds and at different stages of their career.

We support high quality new music projects and therefore cannot support core organisational costs, salary costs or living costs.


What’s the difference between Women Make Music and The Open Fund for Music Creators?

Both schemes are designed to support outstanding music creators and applications are judged on the same criteria. Women Make Music is exclusively available to women music creators (i.e. solo artists, composers or groups where the lead music creator is female).

86% of applicants to Women Make Music are first time applicants and we want to encourage women who might otherwise not apply for funding to do so. As such, Women Make Music grantees are encouraged to progress to other funding schemes such as The Open Fund for Music Creators or Momentum and our Application and Grants Limits therefore reflect this.

If you are unsure of which scheme to apply for, please contact the team. Click here to see the full list of other PRS for Music Foundation opportunities for organisations and music creators.


How much can I apply for?

Women Make Music offers grants of up to £5,000.


Our funding includes support of:

  • touring
  • recording
  • promotion and marketing
  • exciting community projects involving high-quality music creators
  • music creator residencies
  • live performances featuring new UK music


What can’t be covered by a Women Make Music grant?

Through Women Make Music, we support high quality new music projects which have tangible musical outcomes and a clearly defined start and end date.


We cannot support core organisational costs, salary costs or living costs. We can fund administration costs relating to the project at a maximum of 10% of total budget.

See PRS for Music Foundation’s Women Make Music Criteria for full details.


When are Women Make Music deadlines?

Deadlines occur three times per calendar year. The next deadline for Women Make Music is Monday 13th June 2016 at 6pm.


Stage 1 deadline Stage 1 decision Stage 2 deadline Funding decision date
Mon 1st February Mon 29th February Tues 15th March Late April
Mon 13th June Mon 11th July Tues 26th July Mid September
Mon 3rd October Wed 26th October Tues 8th November Late December


When applying, keep in mind that we can only support activity happening after the decision date for your deadline – this will mean your proposed activity must be at least 12 weeks after the deadline.

We will close the application forms for up to 12 weeks after each deadline for system upkeep.

We expect your project to take place within 1 year of receiving our grant.


How do I apply?

Before applying, you must read our Application Stages and Deadlines page, plus Women Make Music Criteria. You should also read our FAQs Section.

The application is a two stage process. Only those with successful 1st stage applications will be asked to continue on to the 2nd stage.


We strongly recommend that you read this short document before beginning an application.

To begin or continue an application click here.