XXXVII FIMNME International Composition Competition for Woodwind Quintet, Mexico City 2015

December 5, 2014 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

The National Coordination of Music and Opera of the National Institute of Fine Arts and the Mexico City Woodwind Quintet (QACM) call to the XXXVII FIMNME International Composition Contest which in 2015 will be for woodwind quintets according the following


– Composers of any age, nationality or residency can apply

– The work must be composed using the entire woodwind quintet instrumentation:
Flute (piccolo) / Oboe / Clarinet Bb (Bass clarinet) / Horn / Bassoon

– The work can consist of one or several movements. Preference will be given to works between 8 and15 minutes, though longer works might be considered.

– The works must have been composed within the last two years and may have been performed but not published or recorded. Works performed in previous FIMNME editions or winning works of other competitions are not eligible.

– The prizes are:
1st place: MX$15,000.00 and the performance of the piece
2nd place: MX$10,000.00 and the performance of the piece
3rd place: MX$5,000.00 and the performance of the piece

Up to three honorable mentions may be selected and performed.

– The prizewinning works as well as the honorable mentions will be performed by the QACM in a XXXVII FIMNME concert. No other work by a composer performed as a result of this contest will be performed at other XXXVII FIMNME concert.

– The deadline to submit proposals is Friday January 9. If application is sent by courier it must be marked under the concept of “no commercial value”, showing a registration date of January 9, 2015 or before.

– The jury is composed by members of the XXXVII FIMNME Selection Committee and the members of the QACM and their upcoming decision will be considered final and there will be no right of appeal.

– The jury has the right to proclaim the contest void. Any situation will be solved by the jury.

– The selected composers agree to give due credit to the FIMNME in their printed scores, programs and printed material of recordings of the works.


3 sets of printed scores with name, year and length of the composition. Any reference to the identity of the composer must be removed from the score.

1 CD with the same anonymous score in .PDF format, labelled only with the name of the work

A closed envelope labelled: Concurso Internacional de
Composición del XXXVII FIMNME followed by the name of the work containing the following:
– Printed document including: Name, place, and year of birth as well as contact information of the composer.
– Score and parts (with author’s name)

A CD with:
– Curriculum vitae in .Word format
– Programme note of the work in .Word format
– Score and parts (with author’s name) in .PDF format
– Photo o the composer in .jpg format

All materials must be delivered or sent in a single package addressed to:
Concurso Internacional de Composición del XXXVII FIMNME to the following address:

Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes
Coordinación Nacional de Música y Ópera
Av. Juárez No. 101, piso 9
Torre Prisma
Col. Centro, C.P. 06040
Delegación Cuauhtémoc
México, D.F., México
Teléfono (52) +55 1000-4622, extensiones 1367 y 1368