Zodiac Music Academy and Festival Composition Course in the South of France (Two Sessions)

December 26, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Now in its 4th season, the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival in the South of France invites young composers ages 17-35 for its two summer sessions to work with resident chamber ensembles and have their works premiered on the Festival’s concerts.

Working with living composers, commissioning new works and performing contemporary music is an integral part of a successful musical career. This composition course will not only provide private instruction, composition seminars and performance opportunities, but more importantly allow both composers and instrumentalist to collaborate on their own terms, explore, and influence the direction of music together.

The Zodiac Music Academy & Festival composition course is lead by award-winning composer Andrew List – a long-time collaborator of the Zodiac Trio (the founding ensemble of the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival). www.andrewlist.com

Each composer will be paired with an assigned chamber ensemble from the festival roster and commissioned to write an eight-minute work, which will be premiered at one of the festival’s public concerts. Ample rehearsal time will be given for each composer’s work. It is our goal that these composer/performer collaborations will create lasting friendships that will continue beyond the festival.

All participants will meet for a daily composition seminar, where a variety of pertinent topics important to composers and seminal musical works will be discussed. In addition, each composer will receive three one-hour private lessons with Mr. List and have daily access to a working studio and piano.

Additionally, all composition students are welcome to participate in all the seminars and clinics offered by the Festival during the session, and are invited to join chamber ensembles (instrumental proficiency permitting), to allow for a larger scope of musical experience.

The Zodiac Music Academy offers two different sessions:

SESSION I: is tucked away in the heights of the French Alps in a historic mountain town of Valdeblore offers private instruction, chamber music and performances in a retreat setting greatly suited for personal development.

SESSION II: In beautiful town of Valbonne which is located 10 minutes from the beach and serves as a composition and chamber music intensive, run by the Zodiac Trio and Andrew List.

Each participant benefits from:
• Performance of commissioned work:
Participating composers will be commissioned to write an 8-minute work, which will be performed at the end of the Festival.

• Daily composition seminars:
Composition students will meet with Mr. List every morning as a group to discuss a myriad of topics and review works in progress as a group.

• 3 One-hour private lessons:
Each student will receive private instruction in the form of 3 one-hour lessons

• Chamber music ensemble collaboration:
Each composer will collaborate with a chamber music ensemble (or student musicians) as they work together to prepare the commissioned work for a performance.

• Composer/Performer seminar with the Zodiac Trio:
Throughout its career, the Zodiac Trio has commissioned over a dozen works, working with composers such as Andrew List, Nicolas Bacri, Reiko Fueting and Richard Danielpour, have instigated numerous call for score projects, and have had over 100 works written for them in all. With a strong commitment to new music, Zodiac Trio regularly works with student composers at various universities across the United States, reading new works and presenting clinics and seminars on the Performer-Composer relationship. In this seminar the Zodiac Trio will discuss these collaborations in detail with the participating composers, in an informal and personal setting.

• Seminars with other faculty members (Session I)
The Zodiac Music Academy & Festival’s Session I boasts an eclectic mix of faculty members from all spectrums of the music career. The composition department invites guest faculty to their daily seminar to share their experiences with contemporary music to talk about their instruments and play short works written by the composer participants.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2016
Session I: The all-inclusive fee, which includes tuition, dorm-style accommodations and board (three meals per day) is $2,500
Session II: The all-inclusive fee, which includes tuition, double room accommodations and board (three meals per day) is $2,350
or for private room is $2,490

For more information about the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival’s composition department, please visit www.zodiacfestival.com.
After applying online, prospective students should email Andrew List (alist@berklee.edu) two scores in PDF form (one should be chamber music) and a Dropbox, Sound Cloud or website link to recordings. (Midi recordings acceptable)