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Scottish Awards for New Music 2020

The 2020 Scottish Awards for New Music will take place at 7pm on 14th April in the V&A Dundee. Early bird tickets now available for £20 going up to £25 on the 2nd March. Buy online now.

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Large Scale New Work (11+ performers) sponsored by PRS for Music

David Fenessy : Conquest of the Useless

Stuart MacRae: Anthropocene

Thea Musgrave : Trumpet Concerto

The RCS Award for Contribution to New Music in Scotland

Cathie Boyd

Chamber Music Scotland

Drake Music Scotland

The RCS Award for Making it Happen

The Night With… : Matthew Whiteside

Nordic Viola : Katherine Wren

Benn Lunn : Diversions

The ISM prize for Collaboration

Physical Education : Robert Reid Allan / Sasha Balmazi-Owen / Richard Court

Diversions : Ben Lunn / Drake Music Scotland / Hebrides Ensemble / the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh

Rough Breathing : Nichola Scrutton / Alex South

Scottish New Music Performer(s) of the Year

Sarah Watts

Richard Craig

Scottish Ensemble

Environment Sustainability

Below the Blanket : Cryptic

Chamber Music Scotland

Nevis Ensemble

The Dorico Award for Small / Medium Scale New Work (1 - 10 performers) sponsored by Steinberg

Two Panels for String Quartet : Alastair White

The Wet Desert - A Collection of Highland Perspectives : Lisa Robertson

The Tuning : Martin Suckling

Electroacoustic / Sound Artwork

Dhātu : Edwin Hillier

Listening Cave : Calum Scott

…shadows that in darkness dwell… : Timothy Cooper

Community/Education project

Tinderbox Collective

SCO Soundmoves

Sound Symphony : Ellie Griffiths with Sonia Allori, Shioi Usui and Greg Sinclair, Katy Wilson (designer) and Colin Grenfell (lighting)

The Good Spirits Co Award for Innovation in New Traditional Music

365 : Aidan O’Rourke and Kit Downes

The Reeling : Brighde Chaimbeul

Face to Face : Twelfth Day

Recorded New Work

Airs from Another Planet : Chamber Music and Songs by Judith Weir. Hebrides Ensemble/Delphian Records

Sensations of Travel : Chamber Music by Nigel Osborne. Hebrides Ensemble/Delphian Records

Panopticon : David Fennessy / Psappha / Hebrides Ensemble / Ensemble Modern / Münchener Kammerorchester / NMC

The SMIA Award for Creative Programming

The Night With… : Matthew Whiteside

Diversions : Benn Lunn / Drake Music Scotland’s Digital Orchestra and Hebrides Ensemble

Sound Festival : Fiona Robertson


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