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Scottish Awards for New Music 2019

Winners of the 2018 awards. Image Credit Iain Smart








Emma McDowall to design the 2019 award

We are pleased to announce the third year of the Scottish Awards for New Music. The nomination period opens on the 28th February and closes at 5pm on the 22nd March.

The ceremony will take place on the 13th May in Drygate, Glasgow. Tickets for the ceremony along with a two course meal are available now. £25 for early bird and £30 for full price.



Full guidelines can be downloaded from here.

Entry form for the award here


New Music is broadly defined as including (but is not limited to): Acoustic Ecology / Avant-garde music / Co-improvisation / Contemporary chamber music / Contemporary opera / Contemporary orchestral music / Contemporary vocal and choral music / Computer music / Electroacoustic music / Electronica Experimental music / Experimental world music / Experimental folk music / Free improvisation / Invented instruments / Microtonal music / Musique actuelle / Radio art / Sound art / Uncategorisable musical practices.



  • Composers must have been born in Scotland, or have been ordinarily resident in Scotland for at least two years prior to 1st July 2018. Non-Scottish or Scottish based composers can have works nominated as part of the Award for Creative Programming.
  • Composers may be any age.
  • Composers do not have to be members of New Music Scotland.
  • Students are eligible



  • To qualify, new works must have received their première in a public performance, either live or broadcast/online, between 15 December 2017 and 31 December 2018
  • The community/education project category: For Projects that may be nominated, they can have started prior to, but must have been concluded between 15 December 2017 and 31 December 2018.
  • Recorded works must have been publicly released on any format between 15 December 2017 and 31 December 2018
  • Works do not have to have been published.
  • Nominations may be submitted by anyone, including from the composer, performer, audience or organisation. If self-nominating, you must also nominate 2 other works (in any category) that are not by yourself.



  • The nominator should choose the category which most closely fits the work. NMS reserves the right to move the work to a different category if appropriate.
  • NMS reserves the right to add, remove or redefine categories if necessary.


  • EVM Award for Electroacoustic/sound art work

For a new work or installation written and/or performed during 2018 that can be described as either electroacoustic or sound art (or both!)


  • Dorico Award for Small / Medium Scale Work sponsored by Steinberg (1-10 performers)

A piece of new music, of any style or instrumentation, written and/or performed in 2018 by 10 per- formers or fewer.


  • Large scale New Work (11+ performers)
    A piece of new music, of any style or instrumentation, written and/or performed in 2018 by 11 performers or more.


  • Recorded New Work

A recording of new music for commercial release in 2018 for CD/LP, TV, film, digital/online platforms, or another audio-visual medium. This may include the recording of an existing work released within the calendar year.


  • Prize for Collaboration

Celebrating collaborative new music in 2018, including projects that are cross-genre, cross-art- form, multi-disciplinary, or those that bring together unique combinations of partners.  Collaboration should have taken place between two or more active parties to the extent of which the work would not exist without the partnership.


  • Community/Education project

Music-making, listening, appreciation, participation projects taking new music as their medium, and widening access to those in Scottish communities and/or education settings. This may take the form of a one-off event, or an ongoing project with or without specific outcome over the calendar year of 2018.


  • Contribution to new music in Scotland

Marking the contribution made by an individual or organisation that has contributed significantly to the new music sector in Scotland during 2018. Previous winners are not eligible to be nominated again for 3 years. 


  • New Music Performer(s) of the Year

An award to celebrate musicians who perform new music at the highest standard. This could be the best one-off performance or a number of performances that adds to a portfolio of work over 2018.


  • Award for Creative Programming

An award to celebrate Creative Programming.  This could be a one-off production/commission, a festival programme, a programme series, or an audience development initiative that has been of an exceptional standard and demonstrates genuine imagination in its execution.


  • Making it Happen Award

Award for an emerging, innovative Scottish promoter, performer, ensemble, composer, artist, organisation or individual, who has not been professionally active for more than 5 years. This is intended to celebrate emerging talent within new music and may be a person involved in a single event, a series of events, or the development of an organisation.


  • The Good Spirits Company award for innovation in new folk music

Traditional Music plays an important role in Scotland’s musical scene.  This award, sponsored by The good Spirits Company in partnership with Hands Up for Trad, celebrates the musicians who use elements of both traditional and new music (as defined at the start) in an original and experimental way.


  • Award for innovation in new jazz music

Scotland’s vibrant jazz sector regularly sees experimentation and creative projects come to fruition.  This award celebrates the musicians who use elements of both jazz and new music (as defined at the start) in an original and experimental way.

Full guidelines can be downloaded from here.

Entry form here

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