Aeolian – Kathy Hinde / Andreas Borregaard / Maja S.K. Ratkje / Red Note Ensemble

A collaboration between composer, Maja S.K. Ratkje, artist Kathy Hinde, and musician Andreas Borregaard commissioned by Red Note Ensemble.

“Aeolian” – relating to or arising from the action of the wind. Aeolian draws its inspiration and title from the “breath” of the accordion. Ratkje and Hinde have collaborated closely on creating a hybrid piece where newly invented aeolian instruments are fully integrated within an acoustic ensemble. Accordion soloist Andreas Borregaard, is at the centre of the work both physically and musically. The air-activated instruments are mechanically activated by the musicians during the piece, blending the sounds of the installation with the musicians’ conventional instruments in a composed, breathing entirety.

Commissioned by Red Note Ensemble.

Premiered at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2017.


How did the project and the collaboration come about?

Red Note Ensemble invited Accordionist Andreas Borregaard to choose a composer to commission a new work for their ensemble, with Andreas as the soloist.

Andreas had been performing solo works by composer Maja S. K. Ratkje and was very keen for her to compose this new work for him and Red Note.

Maja had previously collaborated on a number projects with artist Kathy Hinde, and invited her to create a sculptural installation element for the piece.

This meant it would be a highly integrated work combining scored composition, installation and performance.


What was the most exciting aspect of the collaborative process?

Working so closely together at the very start of the process, where anything could happen. Many experiments were made together in a 2 week residency at the Scottish Sculpture workshop; the perfect setting for focused experimentation and creativity within the inspiring setting of rural Scotland.


What other pieces have you seen or heard in the last year that you think will stand the test of time?

Maja : Frode Haltli’s «Avant Folk»!

Kathy : The Centrifugal Soul by Mat Collishaw

Andreas :  Jennifer Walshe: EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT


If you were to collaborate again with an unlimited budget (the dream!), what would your ideal project be?

Now that we have done Aeolian, based on air stream and human effort, with an unlimited budget, we can’t resist thinking about a piece on the remaining elements, fire, water and earth.

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